Reduce Inequality

First what is inequality? It is where someone is getting treated wrong caused by gender,skin color,money,looks and many more.But how can we fix this? We can put up posters and put this up on Instagram to spread awareness and there’s lots more like a blog post.

If we reduce inequality we will have a really happy community and might even make a new friend .Reduce inequality is a very big problem if we all take part and be kind to other you are reducing inequity

Mini Fair for Bahay Tuluyan

Today we had a Mini Fair For a Place in the Philippines called Bahay Tuluyan. Bahay Tuluyan get people off the streets in the Philippines. Our school are trying to raise money for 1-2 playgrounds for the kids in the center, and to buy food for the Bahay Tuluyan. There was 8 stalls and they all sold a lot of toys, food, hair spray, face paint, mini games and books. This is the link to the Bahay Tuluyan website. Have a look at the site and try and get your school to raise money for them.

Alex Jesaulenko

Jezza, as jesaulenko was known, came to Australia with his family were fleeing war-torn Europe. His mother Vera was from Russia and his Father Waisle was from Ukrain. Alexis mother was shot dead by german soldiers. Waisle and Vera met in Salzburg, Austria were Alex Jesaulenko was born in 1945. The family of 3 moved to Australia in 1949. While their family name was actually Esaulenko, Australian immigration officials incorrectly noted down the name and that has been there name ever since. The family spent six months at the Bonegilla migrant camp in north-eastern Victoria before eventually settling in Canberra. Alex jesaulenko played soccer and rugby union until the age of 14 the he started playing AFL. Alex played for 2 teams carlton and st kilda he was renowned for his wonderful marks and great sportsmanship. He took a mark in the 1970s grand final against collingwood and that mark was named the mark of the centenary. there is a bronze stature of that exact mark outside the MCG.

I think it is great that so many multicaule people play footy and are so good at it. Evan though they start at such a late age they are still really good at australia’s favourite game. for example Alex Jesaulenko stared playing footy at the age of 14.



immagration mmuseum

On Monday we went to the imagination museum, There was lots of things to do like walking to the Yarra river and making a book about the history around the Yarra river and collins st. I thought that is was a great way to learn about immigration and migrants. it was better than sitting on the floor and watching a news report on the immigration Museum. There was one thing that was meant to be inside a tram and you were watching a video on a guy called rob being racesed to an african man then after the video we got the here about their feelings. In the last thing we went into was a thing called leaving home i thought is was good because there was a ship that had bed and kitchen it showed you what it used to be like on a immigration ship it also showed you what animals migrated to Australia.    

Football Tornament

Today we played a football final against other districts. We had to come first in our district to make it to the finals. Today was a lot harder than playing within our district. We fought hard all day, but unfortunately, we lost all of our games. It was a fun day and we played 2 games throughout the day. Before we played we were pumped! We kicked the first goal of the game and we were excited. One of the teams we played against had a kid about 6 ft tall, so they had a big advantage. I played all around the ground [Backline, midfield and forward] and I was happy with my performance.

Altogether it was a fun day.

Reflection on Term 2

As I look back at the term that has just gone, it was a long 11 weeks. This term we had a lot of sport which is good, because I love sport. The seniors played soccer round robin, winter sports and that includes soccer rounders, AFL footy, Netball A, Netball, Volleystars and Cross Country running.  This term the seniors also did confirmation. We had the Auxiliary Bishop Mark Edwards. We had a retreat day for confirmation, where we learnt more about the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit, which was fun. Our Personal Learning Task for this term was based on Justice. I researched child mortality and I learnt that Africa has the second highest child mortality rate behind India.

Only a couple of days ago we did this thing called Google hang out and  we watched St Marks Genius hour presentations and they were awesome. During this term we had some people from St John’s ambulance come in  and do some first aid training with us. They showed us how to put people in the recovery position and how to do CPR properly.

Overall this term was pretty good.

100 word challenge

Last year I went on a enchanted flight. They said it would be boring but i disagreed. It was a 21 hour flight So i had a sleep. I got woken up by a old man poking my eyes so i slapped him across his head, Then i look out of the plane window i saw something like sharknado but with monkeys i thought it was a little creepy at first, but It was cool. So i filmed it I named it monkey nado it won an oscar.

End of Term 1

Its the end of term 1. As I look back on the term I think about all of the things we did the stand out was probably my PLT on how can I make donuts better and winning inter-school sports. We focused on surrealism art it was very fun because if you stuffed up it did not matter. About 3-4 weeks in to the term our school had our aths day I’m in blue and like all of the other years we lost.

1 down 3 to go.